Yamaha TT-R110E


With the fun factor off the scale, the challenge is to try and keep dad off this tough little nugget of a bike. Get the old man to show you the ropes and it's likely you won't see him for the rest of the arvo as he cuts sick around the track rediscovering the fun he had at your age... Universal appeal is the beauty of this electric start four-speed, auto clutch four-stroke. And an enviable reliability record and top notch build quality means dad spends more time at the track than in the garage. TTR-110E: The challenge is to keep dad off it.

Price :$3,299.00
Reference Number/VIN :009933
Colour :Blue
Engine :110
Drive Away :No
Make :Yamaha
Model :TT-R110E
Type :Fun
Condition : New
Year :2016